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Welcome to Tinytramper! Check out my Te Araroa Trail blog and my other hiking and outdoor adventures in New Zealand.

‘Tramping’ is a Kiwi term meaning walking, hiking or backpacking in the New Zealand backcountry. It perfectly sums up the often challenging nature of our beloved activity. We have some rough and remote landscapes and very changeable weather down here in New Zealand! Trampers are people who love the outdoors and love hiking. We enjoy nothing more than to throw some gear in a pack and head out into the wilderness…

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Other New Zealand Adventures

I try to get outdoors as much as possible. See and/or search my ‘Adventure’ pages and ‘Blog‘ posts for other hikes/tramps and outdoor adventures in New Zealand. From short walks to multi-day hiking on the North and South Islands. Subscribe to my blog posts to keep up to date with with my latest adventures.

About Me

I’m Jules – originally a Brit, now a Kiwi. I’m an on/off house sitter, van-lifer and an adventure loving tiny tramper. I do my very best to live a slightly unconventional lifestyle, filled with as much travel and outdoor adventure as possible.

In 2016 I became a Kiwi, and what better way to celebrate than by hiking Te Araroa trail the length of New Zealand. Even though I have a lot of travel under my belt, I had never done anything quite like a 3000km thru-hike before! I blogged my experiences for my friends and family, which then became a useful resource for other Te Araroa walkers.

I have since settled in Nelson at the top of the South Island, and with three national parks right on my doorstep continue to enjoy the backcountry almost every weekend.


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