Te Araroa Trail Camp Routine

Te Araroa Trail Day 41 - Camp at Harrisons rest area

Te Araroa Trail Camp Routine

In case you were wondering how the domestic side of things go on the trail, for the times when I’m wild camping this is my general routine:


  • Find find dry flat spot, remove stones, branches etc.
  • See which way wind is coming from and setup the tent with door preferably facing a nice view but out of the wind
  • Take off socks and trainers, and put camp sandals on
  • Remove sweaty t-shirt and hang to dry (it’s as good as a wash !!??)
  • Blow up sleeping mat and get sleeping bag out
  • Get everything out of pack. Everything goes in same place in the tent every night.. I could find anything or pack blindfolded if necessary!
  • Eat snacks: nuts, cheese, jelly beans
  • Drink a Boost/Berocca
  • Restock snack pockets of backpack with tomorrow’s snacks
  • Mix sachet of oats with goji berries and chia/linseeds & put in a small bag for easy access in morning
  • Get water from river and filter it. Fill bladder for tomorrow and fill pouches with water for dinner/brekkie
  • Wash key bodily parts if I can be bothered
  • Change into camp attire: merino leggings & merino long sleeve t-shirt.
  • Dinner, cup of tea with ginger nuts
  • Blog
  • Bed


  • Wipe tent down inside & out (outer sheet generally has condensation inside, dew outside)
  • Make oats and cup of tea
  • Pack everything… annoyingly tent is last item to come down but must be packed first. Everything has its same place in my pack which means I don’t leave anything behind 🙂

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