The Moa Park Track to Porter Rock

Looking North over the Moa Park basin

Exploring the Moa Park and Wainui tracks

The Moa Park Track is a beautiful, moderately easy walking track. It skirts Canaan Downs and crosses the Wainui Saddle before climbing to an area called Moa Park; a small sub-alpine basin sitting around 1000m elevation. From Moa Park you can head up a couple of Kms to Porter Rock or around 4Kms further to Castle Rock. On todays adventure we took the Moa Park Track to Porter Rock which is around 5Kms. We enjoyed a leisurely day withy a decent...

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Ben Nevis – Nelson

Ben Nevis summit Mount Richmond Forest Park

Ben Nevis - Nelson

Did you know that there is more than one Ben Nevis in New Zealand? I discovered this whilst having a cake break half way up Ben Nevis just outside of Nelson. This wonderful day hike takes you nearly 5Kms with an elevation gain of around 800m up Gibbs Spur to the summit. If you're feeling adventurous and the weather is good, you can continue much further along the (unmarked) ridge route. Experienced trampers could traverse the entire length of the ridge to Mount...

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Mount Malita

View across the Tasman from Mount Malita

A Morning on Mount Malita

A decent climb of around 5kms up to the 959m peak of Mount Malita is a great way to spend a day if you're around the Richmond area of Nelson. We managed the up and down (just over 10Kms with +750m elevation) with a leisurely lunch at the top in around 4.5 hours. It wasn't the prettiest walk I've done and much of it is on easy roads through forestry plantation, but it has great views from the top.

To get to Mount Malita take the Aniseed Valley road off...

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The Marsden Valley and Barnicoat Range – Nelson

Marker on the Scout Track Barnicoat Range

The Scout Track, Jenkins Hill, Widdershins and Barnicoat Walkway

Today I ventured out on a local mission from Stoke in Nelson, exploring some tracks around Marsden Valley and Barnicoat walkway. As I will be living in Stoke on a long house-sit, I wanted to have a wander round and find out about the trails on my doorstep. I started with the Scout track and headed to the top of the Barnicoat range, detoured to Jenkins Hill and made a loop route coming back down the Widdershins track...

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The Takaka Hill Walkway

Takaka Valley from Takaka Hill Walkway

The Takaka Hill Walkway

If you're travelling from Nelson to Golden Bay on State highway 60, you'll drive over the Takaka Hill. This local landmark reaches almost 800m elevation and the drive over to Takaka is a slow, long, winding one. To break up the journey the Takaka Hill Walkway is a nice way to stretch your legs. In addition you get some awesome views of the Tasman and Golden Bay coastline and the mountains of Kahurangi National Park,  The walkway is right on top of Takaka...

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Mount Robert to Angelus hut

Robert Ridge track nelson lake angelus

Mount Robert to Angelus hut - The Robert Ridge Route

I started today thinking I would do a quick jaunt up Mount Robert in the Nelson Lakes National Park. Nothing too strenuous, just a quick up and down. As it turned out it was such a glorious day that I just carried on walking, with a bit of running thrown in. It ended up being the most incredible return to Angelus hut along the Robert Ridge route, which took around 6 hours in total .

Note that DoC rate the Robert Ridge Route as...

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