When you gotta go…

Toilet kit

Backcountry Bathroom Etiquette

If you're new to hiking or tramping and wonder how you'll get on with going to the toilet / using the bathroom on a long-distance trail or when you're out in the backcountry (as some of readers have asked me) then read on!

You may have noticed from my previous posts, that toilets (location, free or pay, opening hours, cleanliness) are a major conversation topic for me. Whilst hiking I have experienced many emergencies when I have found myself...

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South West Coast Path – Route and Gear List

South West Coast Path Gear

Hi folks, just a quick one with details of my daily route and gear list for the South West Coast Path. This is 1013km (630 miles) of wonderful hiking along the UK's longest national trail.

The gear list is a little different to my gear for Te Araroa trail New Zealand. Main differences as follows:

Pack: Osprey Eja 45 litre replaced my Lowe Alpine 45-55 litre pack. The Osprey was lighter and much more comfortable, and had heaps of room for all my gear. I would have been more than OK with...

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South West Coast Path Itinerary

South West Coast Path Map

I thru hiked the UK South West Coast Path during June and July 2018. As it turns out I timed my hike to coincide perfectly with the UK's hottest summer on record.  The trail took 43 days in total, with a few short days and only 2 full rest days. In all this time I only had a couple of days of rain.

The South West Coast Path is obviously a completely different beast to New Zealand's Te Araroa trail. It is roughly 1000Kms - a third of the distance of Te Araroa trail but with half of the...

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Trail Food and Cooking – South West Coast Path


I've had a few questions about what I eat on the trail, and food is of course a favourite topic of conversation amongst all long distance hikers!
Below is my routine for the South West Coast Path. It's different to Te Araroa Trail New Zealand, as resupply is so much easier. Even so, I carry at least 3 days worth of food with me, as the smaller villages and hamlets only have tiny grocery stores, or nothing at all. On the other hand, I'm trying to keep the pack weight down as much as I can....

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Te Araroa Trail Gear List – Tinytramper

Te Araroa Trail Day 125 - St James's Walkway from Waiau hut

Te Araroa Trail Gear List

Below is my Te Araroa trail gear list, which I've combined a little with my South West Coast path gear list (slight differences between the two). It would be a useful guide for any summer multiday tramping/hiking. You may also want to check out my planning page for Te Araroa trail.


Maps and Rescue

  • Personal Locator beacon - Ocean Signal RescueMe PLB and registration for NZ 
  • Map phone app 1 - Guthook Te Araroa...
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Tinytramper article in ‘Wilderlife’ NZ magazine


When I returned from hiking Te Araroa trail 3000kms the length of New Zealand, I entered an essay into the NZ Mountain Film and Book Festival for their NZ mountain writing competition.

I wanted to use the opportunity to capture my thoughts and feelings, in the couple of weeks immediately after returning from the trail.

Whilst I was under no illusion that I might win, Wilderlife Magazine published the entrant's efforts in their Lifestyle Section recently.

If you're considering a thru hike...

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