Stewart Island Food Supplies

Stewart Island Food Supplies

Rakiura / Stewart Island Food Supplies – North West Circuit

Following is our two-person food supplies list for the ten days (+1 spare day) Rakiura Stewart Island North West Circuit tramp in March 2022.  I’m not saying this is what works for anyone else, but it worked for us 🙂 We carried around 13.873 kg of food sorted into 11 packs, one for each day. This made things really easy and meant we didn’t have to guestimate our rations each day. This was around 1.262 kg of food per day for two people. Apologies in advance if there are any mistakes with the maths!

  • 10 brekkies – 3.5 kgs
  • 11 lunches – 1.54 kgs
  • 11 snacks – 4.51 kgs
  • 11 dinners – 3.85 kgs
  • Extras – soups, tea, berocca – 473g

Breakfast (350g per day per couple)

  • Rich = 100g museli per day or 2x porridge sachets + 50g milk
  • Jules = 50g museli per day or 1x porridge sachet + 50g milk
  • 50g (4x tablespoons) coffee
  • 50g dehy fruit

Note: 50g powdered milk was easily enough for 2x breakfasts and 2x coffees. (We took twice as much as we needed). We also took 4x 50g smoothie mixes as an experiment which we didn’t enjoy and wouldn’t take again.

Lunch (140g per day per couple)

  • 70g crackers – 10 crackers per couple = 70g per day
  • 25g parmesan cheese per person per day = 50g cheese per day
  • 20g salami per couple = 20g per day

Note:  We only ate about 8 crackers per day. A 200g salami lasted 9 days.

Snacks (410g per day per couple)

  • 1 OSM per person per day at 85g = 170g per day
  • 1 Oaty slice bar per couple per day at 40g
  • 70g nuts per person per day = 140g nuts per couple per day
  • 20g dehy fruit per person per day = 40g per couple per day
  • 1x twix or mini choc per couple = 20g per couple per day

Dinner (350g per day per couple)

  • 150g dehy per couple per day (stew, curry, dahl, mex lentils etc.)
  • 100g couscous (3/4 cup) per couple per day
  • 2x ginger nuts per person per day = 100g per couple

Other (43g per day)

  • 10x cup a soup/miso soup – 35g per pack = 350g for the trip
  • Mint tea bags x10 = 20g for the trip
  • Berocca = 100g for the trip

Note:  Next time Rich would take hot choc for the evening and we wouldn’t bother with the Berocca. We didn’t count the packet of birthday chippies, 250ml of ginger wine, and dehy cake towards our total.

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A very small fish
A very small fish

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