Te Araroa Trail Days 29 -31. Auckland 595kms – Mercer 720.7kms

Te Araroa Trail Waikato River

Te Araroa Trail Auckland to Mercer

Well Auckland was short 'n sweet! You may have noticed by the number of days and mileage covered, that I skipped most of it.

About 10 years ago I walked the 'Coast to Coast' walk in Auckland, which was very lovely. About 5 years ago I walked Ambury Park, which was also very lovely.

Purist or Non Purist?

I am not a Te Araroa trail 'purist'. The thought of road walking a significant number of kilometres from Auckland airport to Manukau...

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Te Araroa Trail Day 28. Takapuna 585.7kms – Auckland 595kms

Te Araroa Trail Auckland harbour

Te Araroa Trail Auckland

We had a very special morning on the trail today!

We spent the day with Red, who I met one day last summer as she was doing the Hakarimatas stretch of Te Araroa trail.

Red is an all-round beautiful person, TA trail walker 2016/17, and now trail angel extraordinare. She thoroughly spoilt Anouck and I. What a wonderful day!

We ate breakfast at Takapuna beach cafe, and were joined by our trail buddy Bruce who I met on 90 mile beach- it was awesome to...

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Te Araroa Trail Day 27. Okura Bush Walkway 566.6kms – Takapuna 585.7kms

Te Araroa Trail Day 27 - Okura Estuary at sunrise

Te Araroa Trail Auckland Beaches

The Okura River Estuary Debacle...

This morning we got up at 4.15am to cross the Okura river estuary at the low tide at 6am. Anja, Markus and Danny crossed at the first crossing point.. which was waist deep in slow flowing water.

As Anouck and I can't lift our 15kg packs above our heads for any length of time (especially in a soft, muddy footing in cold flowing water) we opted for plan b and crossed 1 km upstream in only knee deep...

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Te Araroa Trail Day 26. Orewa 548.5kms – Dacre Cottage Okura Bush walkway 566.6kms

Te Araroa Trail Okura Bush Walkway

Te Araroa Trail Stillwater and Okura Bush Walkway

I had a lovely sleep and great brekkie at John & Diane's. It didn't quite surpass the all-timefavourite breakfast Nanekoti Homestay (home made goats cheese was the clincer for that one) but it was close :-)

As I wasn't starting the trail until midday, due to a rain storm, I joined John (who is in his 70's) for a pump class at the gym. It was a great warm-up for the trail. I got a lift back to Orewa, and I started today's...

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Te Araroa Trail Day 25. Puhoi track 530.4kms – Orewa 548.5kms – Zero Day

Te Araroa Trail Orewa

Te Araroa Trail Orewa

I had a very cruisy rest day today, and and I was thoroughly spoiled. I woke up at a leisurely hour and joined the others on the sunny balconyof the Puhoi pub for tea and a slice of superb apple and rhubarb tarts which I bought from the Puhoi general store yesterday.

Trail Angels John and Diane

John arrived at 10am. He is a family friend who lives not far away. He gave us a little tour and a lift to Orewa. Anja, Markus and Anouck camped in Orewa and...

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Te Araroa Trail Day 24. Edgerley Road 512.4kms – Puhoi village 530.4kms

Te Araroa Trail Edgerley Road to Puhoi

Te Araroa Trail to Puhoi

Denise at the Nanekoti Homestay' gets the award for best brekkie thus far on Te Araroa trail - held until now by Ros at Tidesong.

This morning's superb effort included raw creamy goats milk and 2 types of goat cheese, which was the clincher. It'll be very hard to beat!

It was difficult to leave, but once we prised ourselves away from the table we got going to yet another beautiful sunny day. We welcomed a new crew member Yali (Israeli, section...

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