Te Araroa Trail Day 23. Govan Wilson Road 489kms – Edgerley Road 512.4kms

Te Araroa Day 23 - Take off your shoes before lunch in the Top of the Dome cafe!

Te Araroa Trail Dome Forest

We woke to pouring rain today. Matt made us some brekkie of eggs and toast and after leaving a koha ($$ donation) we got going at 8am. Thankfully the rain stopped just as we started walking. We walked 2kms on the road before starting the Dome Hill track through to the Dome Valley.


Today's forest was hard going. As it had poured with rain last night it was especially muddy and slippery. I digress at this point to discuss mud types so...

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Te Araroa Trail Day 22. Pakiri 477kms – Govan Wilson Road 489kms – Zero Day

Te Araroa Trail Day 22

Te Araroa Trail - Pakiri to Govan Wilson Road

I was super tired yesterday, so I had a well deserved rest day today - sleeping and eating..mmmm.... The others continued along Te Araroa trail into the Omaha forest.

Trail Angel Matt

As arranged yesterday Matt picked me up and drove me and everyone's packs to Govan Wilson Road. We enjoyed a beer with the family had a quick dinner then we slept all together in the shed :-)


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Te Araroa Trail Day 21. Mangawhai 456.3kms – Pakiri 477kms

Te Araroa Pakiri beach

Te Araroa Trail Mangawhai to Pakiri

Sometimes the easiest days are the hardest. We had only scheduled a 20km day on Te Araroa trail, which was flat road and beach walk, but goodness, what a painful day! I think I had a delayed hangover from the wine a couple of nights ago! Once it sets in, everything hurt - my toes, feet, knees, hips, back and shoulders. Nothing particularly was wrong, I was just very very tired!

In Pain...

Each time I looked at my watch thinking it was...

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