SWCP Day 22. Maenporth to Falmouth

Today's distance walked - approx 7 kms (4.3 miles).
Ascent - approx 200m (656 ft).

I woke at 4.30am to rumblings of thunder. I lay awake until 5.30 then packed up the tent before the forecasted rain started. I ate my raspberry and white choc muffin, bought yesterday from the Maenporth beach store and had a coffee, before leaving at 6.50am. Big fat drops of rain were just starting to fall. By the time I got to Maenporth beach it was fully raining, so I changed into my still damp shorts...

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SWCP Day 21. Pedn-Myin, Coverack to Maenporth

Today's distance walked - approx 29 kms (18 miles).
Ascent - approx 1000m (3280ft).

A gusty breeze shook me awake at 4.30am this morning, so I luxuriated in bed for another hour or so before getting up. My seaside pitch was bathed in sunlight as ate my breakfast (a Bakewell slice from the Kynance Cove tea rooms). I watched four large tankers moored in the channel - I assume waiting to go into port at Falmouth.

I set off at 7.45. There were lots of excellent wild camp spots on the Lowland...

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SWCP Day 20. Predannack Head to Pedn Myin, Coverack.

Today's distance walked - approx 28 kms (17.3 miles).
Ascent - approx 1000m (3280ft).

I started the day today with a coffee and a piece of incredible banana cake with cream cheese icing, bought from the Mullion Cove tea rooms yesterday. I left my camp spot at 7.15am, and as usual had left no trace of being there, except a little area of flatter grass.

The first section was along the tops of the headlands to Kynance Cove. The sun was out, there was a brisk wind, and it was lovely walking...

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SWCP Day 19. Marazion to Predannack Head

Today's distance walked - approx 30 kms (18.6 miles).
Ascent - approx 922m (3025 ft)

I left the campsite at 6.40am this morning. It was another gloriously sunny day with a little bit of breeze - just how I like it. Out of Marazion there were a couple of little beaches, with epic views of St Michael's Mount. The path was initially road walking out of Marazion, then through farmland. I noticed there were some excellent wild camping opportunities above Trenow Cove.

I arrived at Perran...

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SWCP Day 18. Rest Day in Marazion & St Michael’s Mount

I had a sleep-in this morning and woke at 7.30am seriously overheating in my tent! I enjoyed breakfast and a coffee, then went for a second (big) breakfast with Steve at the Chapel Rock cafe in Marazion, before he continued on the trail.
I had a thoroughly lazy day which mostly involved visiting St Michael's Mount. It's a castle on an island 500m offshore, and is linked by a causeway at low tide.

There is evidence of the mount having been populated for 3000 years. For 300 years it was...

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SWCP Day 16. Mayon Cliff (past Sennen Cove) to Porthcurno

Today's distance walked - approx 8 kms (5 miles).
Ascent - approx 470m (1541 ft).

I woke at around 5am this morning, and got myself up and out quickly. It was only about 1Km to Land's End, so I was there by 6am. Some other early birds were there too, so we took photos for each other at the sign - a couple who were just starting a camper van tour to John O'Groats and 4 guys doing a cycle tour of the SWCP.
Land's End is extremely under whelming. There is a hotel, shops selling ice-creams and...

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