Te Araroa Trail Day 91. Tekapo 2423.3kms – Freehold Creek track 2516.3kms

Te Araroa Trail Day 91 - Tekapo to Lake Ohau

Te Araroa Trail Lake Tekapo to Ohau and beyond...

I woke early today as I had a big day of cycling between Lake Tekapo and Lake Ohau. The water was back on in Tekapo after being shut off early last night, so I cleared 40 people's worth of washing-up from in the sinks, stacked it all neatly on the side and washed a bowl, cup and spoon for my breakfast.

Cycling from Tekapo

Today's adventure began by picking up my bike from Cycle Journeys at 7.15 am.  Cycle Journeys took...

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