SWCP Day 41. Osmington Mills to Lulworth Cove

Today's distance walked - approx 10 kms (6.2 miles).
Ascent - approx 630m (2066 ft).

When I got up this morning there was rubbish all over the camping field, so I picked up the overturned bins and picked all the rubbish in my section. Just as I was walking to the bathroom, the overnight warden, who had also just surfaced, stopped by to thank me. It's nice to make someone's day a little bit easier! Apparently the local wildlife likes to have a rummage around the bins at night sometimes.


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Trail Food and Cooking – South West Coast Path


I've had a few questions about what I eat on the trail, and food is of course a favourite topic of conversation amongst all long distance hikers!
Below is my routine for the South West Coast Path. It's different to Te Araroa Trail New Zealand, as resupply is so much easier. Even so, I carry at least 3 days worth of food with me, as the smaller villages and hamlets only have tiny grocery stores, or nothing at all. On the other hand, I'm trying to keep the pack weight down as much as I can....

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SWCP Day 24. Black Rock, Porthlune Cove to Carlyon Bay

Today's distance walked - approx 31 kms (19 miles).
Ascent - approx 1308m (4291 ft).

I had a terrible nights sleep on my wild camp spot. I was on a huge slope, and no matter what I did to rectify it i.e. put all my belongings under my sleeping pad to try to level it out, I still ended up slipping off. I got up at 5.45am and left at 7.15. It was a sunny, breezy day and cooler than yesterday.

The ups and downs began immediately. The views were much the same as yesterday with the trail...

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SWCP Day 22. Maenporth to Falmouth

Today's distance walked - approx 7 kms (4.3 miles).
Ascent - approx 200m (656 ft).

I woke at 4.30am to rumblings of thunder. I lay awake until 5.30 then packed up the tent before the forecasted rain started. I ate my raspberry and white choc muffin, bought yesterday from the Maenporth beach store and had a coffee, before leaving at 6.50am. Big fat drops of rain were just starting to fall. By the time I got to Maenporth beach it was fully raining, so I changed into my still damp shorts...

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SWCP Day 21. Pedn-Myin, Coverack to Maenporth

Today's distance walked - approx 29 kms (18 miles).
Ascent - approx 1000m (3280ft).

A gusty breeze shook me awake at 4.30am this morning, so I luxuriated in bed for another hour or so before getting up. My seaside pitch was bathed in sunlight as ate my breakfast (a Bakewell slice from the Kynance Cove tea rooms). I watched four large tankers moored in the channel - I assume waiting to go into port at Falmouth.

I set off at 7.45. There were lots of excellent wild camp spots on the Lowland...

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SWCP Day 19. Marazion to Predannack Head

Today's distance walked - approx 30 kms (18.6 miles).
Ascent - approx 922m (3025 ft)

I left the campsite at 6.40am this morning. It was another gloriously sunny day with a little bit of breeze - just how I like it. Out of Marazion there were a couple of little beaches, with epic views of St Michael's Mount. The path was initially road walking out of Marazion, then through farmland. I noticed there were some excellent wild camping opportunities above Trenow Cove.

I arrived at Perran...

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