Te Araroa Trail Camp Routine

Te Araroa Trail Day 41 - Camp at Harrisons rest area

Te Araroa Trail Camp Routine

In case you were wondering how the domestic side of things go on the trail, for the times when I'm wild camping this is my general routine:


  • Find find dry flat spot, remove stones, branches etc.
  • See which way wind is coming from and setup the tent with door preferably facing a nice view but out of the wind
  • Take off socks and trainers, and put camp sandals on
  • Remove sweaty t-shirt and...
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Te Araroa Trail Day 48. Waione-Cokers track 1134.3kms – National Park 1193kms

Te Araroa Trail Day 48 - The mountains after the storms

Te Araroa Trail to National Park

We made a bit of a trail deviation to National Park today due to the weather and accommodation options.

It was going to pour down with rain today. The Mangatepopo DOC hut was fully booked, and no-one fancied walking a 27km day over the Tongariro crossing (with an elevation of 1500m) then to Whakapapa, with a 14kg pack in the rain.

Instead we hitched to National Park. Thanks to local guy TJ for being our latest trail angel.

We checked...

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Te Araroa Gear – Shoes

Which trainers for Te Aarroa Trail

Te Araroa Trail Shoes

It's decided! - I will be starting Te Araroa with my lightest Merrell trail runners (on the far right) and I will see how they survive 90 mile beach & the mud-fest of the Northland Forests.

If they are all good I'll get a 2nd and 3rd pair. If they fall apart after 14 days it'll be back-up plan b, c or d :-)


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Te Araroa – Big Gear Items

Te Araroa gear Tinytramper

Te Araroa Trail Gear

My big items of kit as follows:

  • Pack - Lowe Alpine Airzone trek 45-55l
  • Tent - Hilleberg Enan
  • Pad - Thermarest Neo Air Xtherm
  • Sleeping bag - Katabatic Gear Palisade quilt
  • Stove - Jetboil flash
  • Trekking Poles - Black Diamond Alpine Carbon Cork

Click here to see my full gear list


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Te Araroa – Technology On The Trail

Anker solar panel

Te Araroa Trail Technology

Here's a quick sumary of the technology I'll be taking with me on the trail:

  • Samsung Galaxy 8 phone, which I will use for gps, maps, trail notes, camera, music and audio books.
  • Apps that I'll be using are the Guthook TA Hiker, Backcountry Navigator topo maps - with a gpx file of the TA route downloaded, Met Service and Tide times etc.
  • Anker Powercore+ 10500 battery pack - gives appr 3 full charges.
  • Anker...
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Te Araroa Trail Countdown – Five Weeks To Go

Te Araroa Trail Countdown

Five weeks to kick off and prep still to do:

  • Study the route, sort resupply points, pack resupplies
  • Blitz, dehyrdate and pack 5 mths’ worth of veggies (yes really)
  • Decide which shoes to take! I’ve broken in 4 pairs – dilemma..!
  • Download music & audio books
  • Check out house-sitting opportunities for Xmas in Nelson