Te Araroa Trail Day 117. Nelson – Zero Day off trail

I enjoyed a lovely sleep back in my old dorm room in Nelson. I woke at a reasonable hour and enjoyed a leisurely brekkie.
Then something really weird happened! A couple of days ago, when I left Monkeys backpackers in Riverton (before I caught the minibus to Invercargill) I wasn't able to pay for the hostel. When I left, there was a large board at the front door saying guests should pay at the café opposite. So I dropped my key in the box and went over to the cafe. There was no-one there....

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Te Araroa Trail Day 116. Bluff 3041kms – Nelson – Zero Day off trail

Our entire female dorm was kept awake by someone snoring very very loudly. I immediately took myself out and slept in the lounge. When I got up at 6am, all the other girls back in the dorm were awake bleary eyed, and the snorer was still at it - just as loudly as 8 hours earlier...!
I got a taxi to the airport, which took about 10 mins. I should have walked it really, but it was still a bit drizzly. Invercargill airport was very nice, and I enjoyed a delicious bacon and egg muffin and a hot...

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Te Araroa Trail Day 87. Nelson – St Arnaud – Blenheim – Zero Day off trail

Third and final pair of shoes for Te Araroa Trail

Te Araroa Trail Flip Flop

I'm now doing what's known as a Te Araroa trail flip-flop... that is, doing it arse about face and not strictly following the trail 'in order' from North to South.

My next move

The forecasted terrible weather last week didn't really come to much in Nelson. The North island got hit pretty badly instead. I was still happy with my decision to wait until a good stint of sunshine before attempting the Richmond Ranges alpine areas. As the weather...

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Te Araroa Trail Days 84 – 86 Nelson – Zero Days off trail

L.A.B playing in Nelson

Te Araroa Trail - Zero days in Nelson

So I've enjoyed something of a little holiday here in Nelson over the past few days. I've been doing not a whole lot, eating nice food and enjoying the InnBetween Lodge & Backpackers.

Highlight of the weekend was the 'Out of the Blue' one day music festival with 10 Kiwi bands. It went from a scorcher of a day to freezing and rainy  (necessitating a quick run home for a shower & warm clothes half way through). Generally it was a...

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Te Araroa Trail Day 83. Nelson – Zero Day off trail

Summer in Nelson

Te Araroa Trail - Zero day in Nelson

I enjoyed a pretty cruisy day today and spent a zero day in Nelson. I went out for an early coffee and had a leisurely breakfast in the hostel garden. I spent the morning researching alternative trails in the upper South island. Whilst idly Googling I noticed there was a little music festival going on in Nelson this coming Saturday 'Out of the Blue' ... so booked tickets with Susie and Bruno. I'm a huge fan of the Kiwi summer music festival and...

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Te Araroa Trail Day 82. Rocks hut 1866.3kms – Nelson (off trail)

Te Araroa Trail Day 82 - Dun Mountain trail

Te Araroa Trail Rocks hut to Nelson

I had a great night sleep in 'the palace' (Rocks hut), and I was up and out by 8am. The Kiwi family had advised me on a good 5 hour track which would take me directly into Nelson, so I walked out via the Dun Saddle to Brook Street in Nelson.

It was a clear start to the day but as I walked over the saddle, the cloud came over. It was almost impossible to see the next marker pole. I slowly reached Coppermine Saddle, and came to signage...

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