Lewis Tops, Lucretia and Nina River

Tarn at Lewis Tops

Lewis Tops, Lucretia and Nina River Over Labour weekend we enjoyed a superb three-day trip from the Lewis Tops down to Lucretia Hut/Biv and out via the Nina River. The plan had originally been to…

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1000 Acre Plateau

From Mt Misery overlooking 100 Acre Plateau, the Needle and the Haystack tinytramper

1000 Acre Plateau ... "it might be a bit muddy" my friend said casually, a few nights before we ambled up to the 1000 Acre Plateau for a Winter Queens Birthday-weekend trip. We discovered a…

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Mount Owen – Day 2

Views North from Mount Owen summit Kahurangi National Park

Exploring Mount Owen Mount Owen is the highest point in the Kahurangi National Park, standing at 1875m and overlooking a beautiful, glaciated, limestone karst landscape. There are several ways to walk to Mount Owen. Yesterday…

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