Te Araroa Trail Day 63. Te Matawai hut 1587.6 kms – Nichols hut 1599.8kms

Te Araroa Trail Day 63 - Te Matawai to Nichols hut

Te Araroa Trail Tararua Ranges Te Matawai to Dracophyllum hut Most people in Te Matawai hut woke at around 5am and I got on trail by 6am. Today started with a huge climb, up to…

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Te Araroa Trail Day 62. Makahika Outdoor Pursuits Centre 1568.8kms – Te Matawai hut 1587.6kms

Te Araroa Trail Day 62 - Giants of the Gable End Ridge Track

Te Araroa Trail Tararua Ranges I started the day at 6.45am and left a koha (donation) for Sally at the Makahika Outdoor Pursuits Centre. The start of the off-road section of trail into the Tararua…

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