Te Araroa Day 74. Wellington city 1733.2kms – Picton 1733.3kms

Te Araroa Trail - Sailing to the other side

Te Araroa Trail Wellington to Picton

I woke early this morning with a hint of a headache and a distinct feeling of having not slept enough. I enjoyed an early big brekfast and started to get my belongings together for checking out. Anja and Markus my German friends had checked in to the YHA Wellington, and very kindly offered me the use of their room for the day, which was fab!

I Skyped mum and dad in the UK and my sis and family in the U.S for their Xmas days. Living on the...

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Te Araroa Trail Day 73. Wellington city 1733.2kms – Zero day 2

Te Araroa Trail Christmas tinytramper

Te Araroa Trail Christmas Day

I had a pretty lazy day today. In the morning I made a wonderful salad to take to the Te Araroa trail BBQ in the afternoon. Llew a lovely Canadian chap, walking Te Araroa trail this year lives in Wellington. He had kindly put the word out on Facebook a month or so ago that he'd be hosting an Orphan's Christmas and any Te Araroa trail who were in Wellington would be welcome.

There were about 20 of us, which was great! We enjoyed some great food and...

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Te Araroa Trail Day 72. Wellington city 1733.2kms – Zero day

Te Araroa Trail Day 72 - Christmas Treat

Te Araroa Trail Wellington Zero Day

I had a thoroughly lazy day today. I enjoyed an enormous breakfast in the YHA backpackers before heading off to Bodyhaven Day Spa around the corner, for a well-deserved massage and pedicure. My feet are more scabby than itchy, now they're drying out, but nevertheless I was a little mortified about the state of them! The nice lady was very understanding!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing. I moved out of a dorm and into my own room, so I...

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Te Araroa Trail Day 71. Wellington city 1721.8kms – Island Bay 1733.2kms

Te Araroa Trail Wellington

Te Araroa Trail Wellington

After a crappy sleep, I slept in until 9am today!!! I can't even remember the last time I slept that late!

After coffee and breakfast I went shopping again in Wellington. I bumped into Susie and Bruno and Louis from the Tararuas while I was out and about.

Shopping for Gear

I bought a few more bits for the South Island. I bought a teeny tiny lightweight Sea to Summit ultra sil day pack from Bivouac, as I'll need one on the South Island for...

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Te Araroa Trail Day 70. Ngaio 1711kms – Wellington city 1721.8kms

Te Araroa Trail Into Wellington

Te Araroa Trail into Wellington

Probelm Feet!

Awwww my poor feet! The foot blistering and itchiness is rampant and my feet haven't even been wet the past few days! I haven't been able to have my feet "in" bed for the past few nights as they itch sooooo badly! Last night I had to pat them down with cool salt water numerous times during the night to stop the itch. The skin has broken on top of the left foot, which is pretty gross, so I'm trying to keep that bit especially...

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Te Araroa Trail Day 69. Porirua 1690kms – Ngaio Wellington 1711kms

Te Araroa Trail Colonial Knob

Te Araroa Trail towards Wellington

I had a late start this morning and slept until 6.45am. I enjoyed a lazy breakfast and left Camp Elsdon around 8.30am. The great thing about staying here, is that it's right on Te Araroa trail, so I started immediately up a pretty steeply climbing track to Colonial Knob. This is Porirua's 'Hakarimata Steps' comprising lots of stairs through a beautiful forest, before opening up to an exposed hillside with an elevation of 468m.

Today was pretty...

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