SWCP Day 23. Falmouth to Black Rock, Porthlune Cove

Today's distance walked - approx 26kms (16 miles).
Ascent - approx 1207m (3959 ft).

I woke early after a disturbed night's sleep. Because I haven't drunk alcohol in ages I forgot how it deregulates my temperature, so I was tossing and turning for ages as I tried to get to sleep. It was also pretty light in my room from the street lights outside, which I'm not used to after all the camping I've been doing. Then I woke in the night with awful cramp in the arch of my left foot. But despite the...

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SWCP Day 20. Predannack Head to Pedn Myin, Coverack.

Today's distance walked - approx 28 kms (17.3 miles).
Ascent - approx 1000m (3280ft).

I started the day today with a coffee and a piece of incredible banana cake with cream cheese icing, bought from the Mullion Cove tea rooms yesterday. I left my camp spot at 7.15am, and as usual had left no trace of being there, except a little area of flatter grass.

The first section was along the tops of the headlands to Kynance Cove. The sun was out, there was a brisk wind, and it was lovely walking...

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SWCP Day 6. Westward Ho to Hartland Point

Today's distance walked - approx 32 kms (20 miles).
Ascent - approx 1500m (4921ft).

It was a really windy last night, and whilst not as bad as my first wild camp, I woke up plenty of times. It was quite a cold night, so I had condensation on the outer fly off my tent this morning. I woke at 6am, made a coffee and ate a Cliff bar for breakfast (the closest thing the UK has to an OSM bar). It was peanut butter flavour and not really very tasty, but the length of time it took me to eat, told...

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SWCP Day 1. Minehead to Countisbury

The Sisters Fountain

Today's distance walked - approx 29kms (18 miles).
Ascent - approx 1518m (4980ft).

I woke for my first day on England's South West Coast Path with a slight hint of a hangover. My send-off posse (mum & dad) had treated me to a delicious Italian meal in Fausto's Minehead last night, which we washed down with a couple of glasses of chilled rose. An amazing full English breakfast care of The Parks b&b soon sorted me out though.
We drove to the start of the trail on the seafront in...

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