Te Araroa Trail Day 11. Kerikeri 222.1km – Zero day

Kerikeri Falls Te Araroa Trail

Te Araroa Trail Kerikeri

Ooh the luxury of a nice little apartment! Anja, Markus and I started our second Te Araroa ‘zero day’ with a huge fry-up and proceed to do very little else all day¬† – although I did manage a very quick 7km walk to complete the Kerikeri river walk.

Kerikeri River Te Araroa Trail
Kerikeri River Te Araroa Trail


Kerikeri Stone Store
Kerikeri Stone Store

I also re-thought my food strategy for the rest of the trail! For my main meals I have been eating couscous, my self- dehydrated veggies and soups/flavourings, but now I’ve been walking a couple of weeks I’m beginning to get SUPER hungry! These meals just aren’t cutting it.

I went into Hunting & Fishing in Kerikeri and ordered a bulk amount of Backcountry Cuisine dehydrated meals (3x 20 flavours). The store kindly sent to my friend in Hamilton, where I will re-pack them into my resupply boxes, in place of the soups and couscous combo.

Speaking of food, in the evening we found an amazing Israeli restaurant – Cafe Jerusalem… a top tip for anyone staying in Kerikeri!!

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