Te Araroa Trail Day 121. St Arnaud 1980kms – Zero Day

Te Araroa Trail Day 122 - St Arnaud

Te Araroa Trail – St Arnaud (Zero Day)

I woke at a reasonable hour and headed down to the general store in St Arnaud for a real coffee (treat to self) and a big breakfast. This turned into 2 additional hot chocolates, a tart and a ginger beer! I’m already worried about how I’ll need to wean myself off junk food in a month’s time when I finish Te Araroa trail !!

I spent the morning in the cafe with some Te Araroa hikers, then the afternoon lounging around the hostel with more Te Araroa hikers. There are lots of us here waiting out the rainy day and setting off tomorrow for the journey South to the Travers Saddle, Waiau Pass and the highest mountain peaks of the trail over the coming week – destination Boyle village.

After today there are a few days of fine weather coming up so I’m pretty excited!

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