Te Araroa Trail Day 66. Otaki Forks campsite 1619kms – Paraparaumu 1650kms

Te Araroa Trail Pukeatua summit track

Te Araroa Trail Pukeatua summit track

I was up, packed, breakfasted and out this morning just in time before it rained. This was the first rainy day in ages! I actually had to use my rain coat as I started the Pukeatua summit track.

It was a great track, in good condition, climbing from 140m to 812m and down again over about 12kms. I took my time today as I was pretty exhausted from this week’s mountains.

It was super windy at the top and was pretty cold, and clouds obscured any views so I didn’t linger. The trail down was as nice as the up, and by 1pm I had finished. I lunched with Matt and Marissa and also met a few others en route. After lunch, to avoid a rather large road walk I hitched a lift the 10kms or so into Waikanae with today’s trail angel Craig who, dropped me right at the supermarket.

Waikanae to Paraparaumu

I did a big food shop, and bought a few necessary bits in town.. gas, hair brush from the $2 store, and went to the pharmacy to get some treatment for a rather nasty itchy lumpy rash which is growing on the tops of my feet. The pharmacist thought it was a fungal eczema – brought on by wet socks and feet, and that a pair of socks are usually worn for 5+ days in a row. In fact today I did change my socks as the last pair are as stiff as cardboard!!

After shopping I walked 10kms out of Waikanae along the river trail, which was very pretty and flat- woop!!! This led me to the Waikanae estuary reserve. From there I headed South down the coast and into Paraparaumu.

Te Araroa Trail Day 66 - Waikanae river trail
Te Araroa Trail Day 66 – Waikanae river trail

Home for the night was the Kapiti Holiday Resort campsite. Once showered (yay!!) I walked into Raumati South for some decidedly average fish & chips.

The day ended on a high, with a boysenberry trumpet ice-cream. The KING of icecreams!

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