Te Araroa – Technology On The Trail

Anker solar panel

Te Araroa Trail Technology

Here’s a quick sumary of the technology I’ll be taking with me on the trail:

  • Samsung Galaxy 8 phone, which I will use for gps, maps, trail notes, camera, music and audio books.
  • Apps that I’ll be using are the Guthook TA Hiker, Backcountry Navigator topo maps – with a gpx file of the TA route downloaded, Met Service and Tide times etc.
  • Anker Powercore+ 10500 battery pack – gives appr 3 full charges.
  • Anker 15w solar charger – which I’ll really only be able to use if it ever stops raining in NZ this year!
  • RescueMe personal locator beacon, which if activated sends a signal to a satellite telling search & rescue teams where I am.
  • I drew the line at spending almost $1000 on a rather lovely Fenix 5 gps watch… 😇

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