Te Araroa Trail Day 116. Bluff 3041kms – Nelson – Zero Day off trail

Sunny Nelson

Te Araroa Trail Invercargill to Nelson

Our entire female dorm was kept awake by someone snoring very very loudly. I immediately took myself out and slept in the lounge. When I got up at 6 am, all the other girls back in the dorm were awake bleary-eyed, and the snorer was still at it – just as loudly as 8 hours earlier…!

I got a taxi to the airport, which took about 10 mins. I should have walked it really, but it was still a bit drizzly. Invercargill airport was very nice, and I enjoyed a delicious bacon and egg muffin and a hot chocolate. I changed planes at Christchurch and had a couple of hours wait, so I called my family. It was strange to be back into normal everyday activities again!

When I arrived in Nelson it was beautifully hot and sunny! I checked myself back into my old room at the InnBetween Lodge and Backpackers, then went out to have a wander around and do my food shopping for the next stretch of trail.

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