Te Araroa Trail Day 126. Boyle Flat hut 2083kms – Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre 2095kms

Boyle Flat hut

Te Araroa Trail – Boyle Flat hut to Hanmer (off Trail)

I had a little sleep in today until 6.30am and got on trail with Mike at about 7.15am. From Boye Flat hut it was easy going and pretty flat, along the St James Walkway through the Boyle river valley to the Outdoor Education Centre. We arrived there at 10.15 am and I collected my resupply box. I left quite a bit of my food there for another hiker coming through after me, as I’d been quicker than expected over the Waiau pass.


Crossing the Boyle River on St James Walkway
Crossing the Boyle River on St James Walkway
Near Boyle Village - St James Walkway
Near Boyle Village – St James Walkway

Even though I had my resupply sorted already, a few of the recent group were going into Hanmer Springs to get theirs, so I went along too. As soon as we got into town we got a giant

burger and a smoothie and went food shopping. We checked into our accommodation – a cute little Airbnb in the town centre. The afternoon was spent chilling out, washing the majorly smelly clothing items and sorting belongings.

In the evening we went to the Rustic Cafe and Tapas bar – an amazing little restaurant offering enormous portions, delicious food and excellent service. I opted for a ceasar salad (which was so huge I couldn’t finish it!) along with a smoothie which was thick with ice-cream and yoghurt. I spent the rest of the evening in a somewhat reclined position, enjoying the luxury of knowing tomorrow is a zero-day.

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