Te Araroa Trail Day 24. Edgerley Road 512.4kms – Puhoi village 530.4kms

Te Araroa Trail Edgerley Road to Puhoi

Te Araroa Trail to Puhoi

Denise at the Nanekoti Homestay‘ gets the award for best brekkie thus far on Te Araroa trail – held until now by Ros at Tidesong.

This morning’s superb effort included raw creamy goats milk and 2 types of goat cheese, which was the clincher. It’ll be very hard to beat!

Te Araroa Trail Edgerley Road to Puhoi
Te Araroa Trail Day 24 – Edgerley Road to Puhoi

It was difficult to leave, but once we prised ourselves away from the table we got going to yet another beautiful sunny day. We welcomed a new crew member Yali (Israeli, section walker) and enjoyed a pretty easy 18km. There was a bit of everything, which is what we like.. different types of forest, some easy hills, farm roads, rolling hills, meadow and farmland.

The Wildlife…

I had my first genuinely scaredy moment where I had to gather myself, before strolling casually past an ENOURMOUS black bull right on our path.

To Puhoi

The last part of the trail today led us into the tiny and very lovely village of Puhoi. We reached the historic Puhoi pub by mid afternoon, and decided to stay there. After a shower, and a cup of tea on the balcony we went downstairs to the pub. We ate a huge burger, and followed it up with a beer.

We whiled away the time in the late afternoon sun.

Te Araroa Trail Puhoi Pub
Te Araroa Trail Day 24 – Anouck, Anja, Marcus and I enjoying the balcony of the Puhoi Pub

In the evening Danny (Oregon, USA) joined us. He is section walking Te Araroa trail each year on his holidays from work… now that’s commitment!

Te Araroa Trail Puhoi pub
Te Araroa Trail Day 24 – The magnificent Puhoi pub

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