Te Araroa Trail Day 25. Puhoi track 530.4kms – Orewa 548.5kms – Zero Day

Te Araroa Trail Orewa

Te Araroa Trail Orewa

I had a very cruisy rest day today, and and I was thoroughly spoiled. I woke up at a leisurely hour and joined the others on the sunny balconyof the Puhoi pub for tea and a slice of superb apple and rhubarb tarts which I bought from the Puhoi general store yesterday.

Trail Angels John and Diane

John arrived at 10am. He is a family friend who lives not far away. He gave us a little tour and a lift to Orewa. Anja, Markus and Anouck camped in Orewa and I went back to John and Diane’s house in Whangaparaoa for a day of luxury, including a marvellous lunch in Manly village, resupply shopping, and a bath!

Te Araroa Trail Day 25 - Orewa
Te Araroa Trail Day 25 – Orewa

Diane took care of my washing, and also made an enormous and delicious roast chicken dinner. I weighed myself today (pre-roast) and I’ve lost approx 2.5kgs. Gives me a good excuse not to feel at all guilty about eating so much!!

In the evening I relaxed with a warm wheat bag around my knee. I wondered if it would do anything with my very minor but nagging little hamstring pain I’ve been feeling for a few weeks…

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