Te Araroa Trail Day 26. Orewa 548.5kms – Dacre Cottage Okura Bush walkway 566.6kms

Te Araroa Trail Okura Bush Walkway

Te Araroa Trail Stillwater and Okura Bush Walkway

I had a lovely sleep and great brekkie at John & Diane’s. It didn’t quite surpass the all-timefavourite breakfast Nanekoti Homestay (home made goats cheese was the clincer for that one) but it was close 🙂

As I wasn’t starting the trail until midday, due to a rain storm, I joined John (who is in his 70’s) for a pump class at the gym. It was a great warm-up for the trail. I got a lift back to Orewa, and I started today’s 16kms.

I caught up with Danny after a few kms and we hiked the road section together. We met up with Anja and Markus and Anouck  at 3pm in Stillwater for a late lunch.

Te Araroa Trail Dacre Cottage, Okura Bush walkway
Te Araroa Trail Day 26 – Dacre Cottage, Okura Bush walkway

There was an information board for the Okura Bush Walkway nearby. There was also a notice about a small cottage and sleepout advertised 2kms along the trail, so we called them. It was available for the night with a donation to the trust.

We arrived at Dacre Cottage shortly where we enjoyed an early dinner. Not wanting to sleep in the house, we put matresses down on the floor of the shed.

Te Araroa Trail In the shed at Dacre Cottage
Te Araroa Trail Day 26 – Sleeping in the shed at Dacre Cottage

A topic of tonight’s somewhat hilarious conversation was finding me a husband on the trail!!

The group ascertained that he will likely be German – given the general numbers of Germans visiting NZ, and Markus’s assurance that German men make great husbands. My only stipulations are, that he should be able to cook, and is a man who is happy on the dancefloor. The wedding will take place next summer when Danny is back in NZ to complete his next section of TA, and Bruce will be celebrant.

Let’s not hold our breath for that scenario.

** UPDATE: It didn’t happen 🙂

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