Te Araroa Trail Day 5. Ahipara 101 km – Zero day

Camping at Ahipara YHA

Te Araroa Trail Ahipara Zero Day

My first ‘zero day’ on Te Araroa trail. Today I woke early and enjoyed a relaxing day pootling around doing little jobs. I washed the salt and sand from my clothes, and spent most of the morning trying to get Instagram to show my photos on Facebook…(which still doesn’t work grrr..).

I eventually gave up and wandered down to the North Drift cafe for a burger, coffee & cake which was delicious.

In the afternoon I enjoyed a little siesta. Upon waking I asssessed my ailments. The blisters aren’t healed but my knee is feeling better.

I spoke to all my family today which was lovely 🙂

Back on the road tomorrow!!

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