Te Araroa Trail Day 51. Junction with Oio rd 1220.7kms – Whakahoro (Whanganui river) 1245.5kms

Te Araroa Trail Day 51 - Towards Whakahoro

Te Araroa Trail towards Whakahoro

We woke up early to a foggy day, packed up our little camp by the memorial and were on the road by 6.25am. Today was soley gravel/road walking and we smashed out 26kms and arrived at Whakahoro by 11.30am.

There was nothing particularly of note along the way except some nice fields, and lots of sheep and cows. There was a minor rock fall in front of us from the cliff to the side of the road which was momentarily scary, and I discovered that I can’t run with my backpack on 😉

Te Araroa Trail llama
Te Araroa Trail Day 51 – Meh

At Whakahoro we nominated our beds for the night in the DoC bunkroom, and went to the Blue Duck cafe for lunch. The only lunch they had was toasted sandwiches so we had 2 each, with ginger beer and a hot chocolate chaser.



Te Araroa Trail Whakahoro DoC hut
Te Araroa Trail Day 51 – DOC hut Whakahoro

The day turned into another scorcher. We went for a little walk to the river, but aside from that spent most of the day in the shade.

Te Araroa Trail Day 51 - Dinner
Te Araroa Trail Day 51 – Dinner

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