Te Araroa Trail Day 53. Whakahoro (Whanganui river) 1245.5kms – Pipiriki 1314.2kms

Te Araroa Trail Whanganui rver

Te Araroa Trail Whanganui river

We got up slowly today and awaited the arrival of the van from Taumarunui Canoe Hire. It turned out they had a van going to Pipiriki which would have been our final river destination before exiting for the road walk – so we hopped on board.

We arrived at the campsite at the Whanganui River Adventures headquarters in Pipiriki at around 1.30pm and set up our tents. We spent some time planning the coming weeks from Whanganui to Wellington, then walked to a lovely little waterfall nearby for a shower and a cool-down. It was another 30 degree day today and we felt every bit of it.

Early dinner and bed tonight, as we have a 30km day tomorrow that we’d like to get over with as soon as we can as it’s looking like another scorcher!

Te Araroa Trail Blue Duck Station Whakahoro
Te Araroa Trail Day 53 – The Blue Duck Station Whakahoro

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