Te Araroa Trail Day 58. Bulls 1465.1kms – Feilding 1484.5kms

Te Araroa Trail Bulls to Feilding

Te Araroa Trail Bulls to Feilding

I had a great sleep last night. I wore my compression sleeves on my calves as I’m getting twitchy legs which has been preventing me from going to sleep. I’m not sure if it was just the placebo effect but it seemed to work!!

Today was entirely road walking. I had previously entertained ideas about hitching this bit, but was really glad I didn’t, as it was very nice. Highlights included a sunny morning tea at Mt Lees Reserve, and then we caught a first glimpse of the Tararua ranges… eek!

We arrived in Feilding at around midday, and discovered it was the day of the Christmas Santa parade – Fabulous! Whist waiting for the parade to start we found a lovely cafe Piccolo’s (excellent everything) and had a long lunch.

Te Araroa Trail Piccolo's cafe Feilding
Te Araroa Trail Day 58 – Spotted at Piccolo’s cafe


Te Araroa Trail Tinytramper and THAT piece of cake from Piccolos
Te Araroa Trail Day 58 – Tinytramper and THAT huge cake from Piccolo’s cafe

The Santa parade was great – featuring almost every local business in Feilding. Afterwards we met wonderful local lady Glen (avid cycle-tourer and morris dancer) and her son Tonic, who offered us a bed for the night at her house within walking distance of the village!

We rocked up around 4pm and were promptly greeted with tea & mince pies. We chatted the evening away until an early bedtime.

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