Te Araroa Trail Day 59. Feilding 1484.5kms – Palmerston North 1507.9kms

Te Araroa Trail Feilding

Te Araroa Trail Feilding to Palmy

I woke early in a bit of a panic as I heard rain on the tent… I jumped up and moved everything from inside the tent to under the eaves of Glen’s house & packed up the tent. The rain didn’t amount to anything.

We said goodbye to our wonderful trail angel hosts and went into Feilding for breakfast number 2, cheese and ham toasties.

We got on the road by 8.30am and walked about 3kms when a couple of lads pulled up in their utes to secure a trailer right beside us. As it was too good an opportunity to miss, I asked them if they were going to Palmerston North. As it happens they were.. We hopped in and got a lift, thus avoiding a 20km highway walk.

Zero in Palmy

In Palmy I bought some short shorts (my mid-thigh tan line is just silly), did some food shopping for the upcoming Tararuas section and walked with my shopping a couple of Kms to the office of NZ Couriers. They had twice failed to deliver my contact lenses to Whanganui, and quite honestly I didn’t trust them to deliver to an address in Palmy either. I endured a couple minutes of poor customer service before leaving none the wiser as to how they hadn’t managed the delivery.

From there I walked to the Palmerston North Holiday Park, a rather expensive camping option with very minimal facilities for the price. If you can, see if you can get into the WhioWhio hut instead

But the day was sunny, a nice breeze blew and I ate some delicious pasta, veggies and cheese. I spent the afternoon mentally preparing myself for the Tararua mountains, wondering how I would fit all the food in my pack!!

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