Te Araroa Trail Day 6. Ahipara 101 km – Herekino forest – Diggers Valley Rd 128.5 km

Te Araroa Trail Mud in Herekino Forest

Te Araroa Trail Day 6 – Herekino Forest

Today I woke at 6 am to a chorus of bird song. My stay at the YHA Ahipara was wonderful, but it’s back to the trail today.

My breakfast porridge was a little tasteless without the powdered milk I biffed two days ago to save weight 🙁 This morning’s injury assessment: Today I can straighten my leg without any pain behind the knee, but my blisters are still not healed.

The New Crew

I met Jinny (Korean), Anja & Markus (German) and Bruce (Kiwi – met on the beach on day 2) at 8am to get lift to trail head 8km away… there are certainly no Te Araroa purists here! 🙂

Te Araroa Trail Herekino Forest Tinytramper
Te Araroa Trail Day 6 – Me, Jinny, Bruce, Markus and Anja

Herekino Forest

We enjoyed an amazing tramp through Herekino forest. It was a beautiful day, without a cloud in the sky. We walked as a team all day. Herekino was full body tramping and climbing, the kind of workout I like !!

We hadn’t haven’t any rain for a week so the track was still muddy but not overly so.

Having giggled our way through the mud and satisfying squelchy noises. We stopped at the summit for lunch at 1pm and by 4pm had made it to the new hut “the Tramp Inn”.

Te Araroa Day The Tramp Inn, Herekino Forest
Te Araroa Day 6 – The Tramp Inn, Herekino Forest

We all had another hour or so left in us, so we carried on. Anja, Markus and I free camped in an old animal pen by a small stream in the forestry area. Jinny waked on & Bruce had a bed for the night with a local nearby.

It’s great to be back on trail again 🙂 Looking forward to Ratea Forest tomorrow!

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