Te Araroa Trail Day 96. Wanaka 2620kms – Zero Day

Te Araroa Trail Day 96 - Itchy blistered feet

Te Araroa Trail – Taking a Zero in Wanaka

I had a fantastic night sleep last night. After the cold compress, my poor feet didn’t itch as much, plus I had a lovely bed in my little cabin. I woke to rain as predicted, and to a HIDEOUS  pair of feet. Bubbly, blisters have sprung up even more, and those that have broken are constantly weeping… Uuugh.

Thanks to the magic of the ‘Manage my Health’ app, I was able to email my doctor, and she wrote me a prescription for steroid cream and sent it to the Wanaka pharmacy immediately. I picked up the cream and headed straight back to the cabin to smother my feet.

I had a rather slow day of eating (of course) and lazing around. I didn’t want to put any shoes on, so I tried to spend all day off my feet. By the end of the day they were no better. It’s not a very glamorous injury, and I’m hopeful that it’s one that clears up soon. I’m taking another rest day tomorrow to see how they fare.

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