Te Araroa Trail Day 97. Wanaka 2620kms – Zero Day

Te Araroa Trail Day 98 - Lake Wanaka

Te Araroa Trail – Another Zero in Wanaka

I’m pleased to say that I woke to a much better state of affairs re. my feet, however on the advice of a couple of kind well-wishers of the medical profession who have been reading my blog, I decided to go to the doctor just in case. I showed her yesterday’s photos of feet verses today’s actual feet and she was quite amazed at how well they’d come along (so am I to be honest).

The blisters on the majority of my foot are not on fire any more, have mostly solidified, and no more have sprung up. Incredibly, the weeping front portion has dried out considerably and isn’t nearly as sore any more. As a precaution the doc gave me antibiotics to take IF it flares up again, and I’m ok to do the next stretch to Queenstown – Yay!

Ready for the next stretch

So I’ve beefed up the first aid kit again, and I must put clean socks on each day i.e properly wash them out to get rid of the bacteria each night, and/or try to do river crossings in sandals. That’ll add some time to my days, but I can try. Karen, another lovely lady who is reading my Facebook blog is sending me a little pot of a natural oils remedy, as a preventive measure, so I’ll see how that goes when everything is back to normal.

So I’m good to go!! I’m very excited about the next stretch of Te Araroa trail. The weather is looking glorious, and it’s mighty fine country to Queenstown.

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