South West Coast Path – Route and Gear List

South West Coast Path Gear

South West Coast Path – Route and Gear List

Hi folks, just a quick one with details of my daily route and gear list for the South West Coast Path. This is 1014km (630 miles) of wonderful hiking along the UK’s longest national trail.

The gear list is a little different to my gear for Te Araroa trail New Zealand. Main differences as follows:

Pack: Osprey Eja 45 litre replaced my Lowe Alpine 45-55 litre pack. The Osprey was lighter and much more comfortable, and had heaps of room for all my gear. I would have been more than OK with a 40 litre pack on this trip. I hiked on and off with someone carrying a 33 litre (incl. tent, stove and change of clothes).

Cooking: MSR pocket rocket stove and Toaks pot replaced my Jetboil flash. This was mainly because I was ‘cooking’ as opposed to boiling/adding water to dehydrated meals.

Water: I didn’t carry a water filter on SWCP as it’s easy to fill up in villages along the way.


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