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Welcome to Tinytramper! Check out my Te Araroa Trail blog and my other hiking adventures in New Zealand.

‘Tramping’ is a Kiwi term meaning walking, hiking or backpacking in the New Zealand backcountry. We have some rough and remote landscapes in this part of the world, so throw some gear in a pack and head out into the wilderness!

Long Distance Hiking – Te Araroa Trail Itinerary

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Other New Zealand Adventures

I try to get outdoors as much as possible. See and/or search my ‘Adventure’ pages and ‘Blog‘ posts for other hikes/tramps and outdoor adventures in New Zealand. From short walks to multi-day tramping on the North and South Islands. Subscribe to my blog posts to keep up to date with my latest adventures.

About Me

I’m Jules – a tiny tramper and weekend adventurer. Formerly a Brit, I moved to New Zealand in 2006 and in 2016 I became a Kiwi. What better way to celebrate than by hiking Te Araroa trail the length of New Zealand! Even though I have a lot of travel under my belt, I had never done anything quite like a 3000km thru-hike before! I blogged my experiences for my friends and family, which then became a useful resource for other Te Araroa walkers.

I have since settled in Nelson at the top of the South Island, and with three national parks right on my doorstep, I continue to enjoy the backcountry almost every weekend.


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