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Te Araroa Trail Day 125 - St James's Walkway from Waiau hut

Te Araroa Trail Gear List

Below is my Te Araroa trail gear list, which I’ve combined a little with my South West Coast path gear list (slight differences between the two). It would be a useful guide for any summer multiday tramping/hiking. You may also want to check out my planning page for Te Araroa trail.


Maps and Rescue






  • Seat to stop bum getting wet – An empty Farrah’s wrap packet. Added bonus of Farrah’s wraps being the best choice for lunches 🙂



Contact lenses, toiletries and washing

  • Contact lenses – I wore soft lenses 24/7 and replaced them monthly. I carried tiny vials of eye drops and saline solution. I didn’t take my glasses.
  • Wash cloth – Small piece of exfoliating washcloth
  • Soap/shampoo – Carried a 50ml bottle (repurposed Dettol hand sanitiser bottle) of body wash.
  • Razor, toothbrush, travel size toothpaste, dental floss, 3x pairs of foam earplugs, sanitary items, 50 ml pot of Nivea Creme moisturiser, 2x spare hair ties



First Aid

  • Crystaderm antiseptic ointment, latex free plasters, medical tape, 2x 5cm wound pads, small alcohol/antiseptic wipes, compeed patches for blisters (various sizes), hikers wool for blisters, paracetamol, Voltaren, electrolyte sachets, Imodium Instants/Zapid, antihistamine, Ural sachets (in case of bladder infection) steroid cream (for eczema), zovirax (in case of cold sore), sunscreen, insect repellent with high strength Deet, Dettol hand sanitiser, probiotics, ‘Boost‘ effervesent vitamin drink, emergency blanket, 1x pair hand warmers

Repair Kit

  • Tenacious repair tape (clear), large needle & thread/dental floss, safety pins, elastic bands, 2x pegs, marker pen, Thermarest repair kit, spare zip lock & carrier bag, 2x cable ties, spare carabiner, decent lengths of duct tape wrapped around both trekking poles

Other Miscellaneous

Clothing – Worn

Clothing – Spare

Clothing – Outer Layers


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