Te Araroa Trail Day 89. Christchurch – Tekapo – Zero Day off trail

Te Araroa Trail Day 90 Foggy Tekapo day

Te Araroa Trail Christchurch to Tekapo – Zero day

I woke to a warm, rainy Christchurch morning after a lovely sleep in the YHA Hereford Street. I got up and out quickly, ready to catch the bus to Tekapo at 8.30am. We passed through some lovely little villages, Geraldine and Fairlie being the largest. Just out of Fairlie we got up into higher country, and seeing the mountains made me pretty excited to get back on Te Araroa trail again!!

Lake Tekapo

I’ve been to lake Tekapo before, and it hasn’t changed much in 10 years. The biggest changes were a new footbridge over the river from the village to the Church of the Good Shepherd, and new loos too – about time! Also new is the best, most modern Four Square supermarket I’ve ever have the pleasure of shopping in! FYI.. TA’ers, some items were ok priced, some were very expensive, but they have a fantastic selection and it’s well worth a visit. I had a resupply package sent here, but I needn’t have bothered.

Mount John Observatory

In the afternoon the rain eased a little so I walked up to Mount John observatory via the lake walk track.  At the summit there were pretty limited views of the surrounding mountains as it was so cloudy, but I remembered how beautiful it was last time I was here. I had a pretty decent smoothie in the cafe at the top then made my way back down to the village.

I took a stroll to the church of the good shepherd. It was built in 1935 with stones gathered from within a radius of five miles of the site, unchipped and in their natural condition. Next it was on to the sheep dog monument, dedicated to border collies brought over by Scottish shepherds, to work with the sheep on the mountains.

In the evening I settled into my little camp bed in my yurt. I’m glamping tonight (in the rain…) luckily they have double-duvets and hot water bottles, what a treat!!

Mount John Observatory Tekapo
Mount John Observatory Tekapo

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