Te Araroa Trail Day 131. Locke Stream hut 2162.1kms – Zero Day

We all had a sleep-in today until about 9.30am. We spent a long time fantasising about the cooked breakfast we’d like to eat, and then we turned to farming. Mike’s a dairy farmer and Phil works for Fonterra so I’m now very well versed in all things dairy.
We didn’t walk today due to the rain, but interestingly the cyclone was nothing more than that, in the valley where we were, and there was hardly any wind.

We spent the morning playing cards then we watched another movie on my phone, ate, then went back to more cards.
At around 3pm the French couple came in. They’d walked through the rain all day. They’d set off in a brief 30 mins clear slot where the sun peeked through the cloud.. But unfortunately it was very short lived. They were drenched poor things. At around 5pm 3 young Aussie guys turned up as well equally as soaked. They were sweet boys, and provided some great entertainment as they made their dinner and tried unsuccessfully to get a fire going.

We all ate early and went to bed early. My wet clothes from yesterday still weren’t dry so I wore them to bed (over my bedtime merinos) to dry them with my body heat. Not all that nice, and a bit smelly, but very to start the day with dry clothes tomorrow!
As we drifted of to sleep we listened to the mice running around in the main room outside.

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