Te Araroa Trail Day 72. Wellington city 1733.2kms – Zero day

Te Araroa Trail Day 72 - Christmas Treat

Te Araroa Trail Wellington Zero Day

I had a thoroughly lazy day today. I enjoyed an enormous breakfast in the YHA backpackers before heading off to Bodyhaven Day Spa around the corner, for a well-deserved massage and pedicure. My feet are more scabby than itchy, now they’re drying out, but nevertheless I was a little mortified about the state of them! The nice lady was very understanding!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing. I moved out of a dorm and into my own room, so I could have a bit of privacy and spread myself out a bit. I went through my belongings meticulously to see where I could save weight (again).


  • My blue t shirt.. the one I’ve worn nearly every day. It’s got a big hole in the back, and is an odd shade of brown from dirt, even after washing.

Sending home:

  • Croptop bra #2 and shorts #2 – only really worn in town and/or on washing days. I absolutely don’t need to be carrying them! On washing days I will wear my rain coat and rainpants.
  • My original/sewn/repaired Xero shoes. The 2nd pair arrived in Welly, so will continue with those 🙂
  • The plastic stand for my gas cannister – completely uneccessary
  • 2x electronics cables which were repeats (how did I miss these before??)
  • Excess hayfever tablets (thankfully no allergies since the Waikato), spare contact lenses, some spare medical stuff
  • The rain skirt – have replaced with rain pants.

Christmas Food Shopping

Later, I ventured to the supermarket, which was total Christmas chaos of course.

Which brings me to the subject of The New World in Wakefield St. Wellington.. haa haa.. I’ve shared my concerns with my friends each time I shop here – this store reeeally freaks me out! I’m an extremely organised and tidy person, but all the staff at the NW are constantly/urgently pulling the stock forward to fill the gaps in the shelves (in between their other jobs) to result in the shop always appearing to be fully and perfectly stocked, with absolutely NO.GAPS.AT.ALL !

Overly neat stacking at the new World Wellington
Te Araroa Trail Day 72 – Overly neat stacking at the New World Wellington 🙂

The manager clearly thinks this looks lovely and I’m sure it encourages people to buy more, but to me it’s like you’ve stepped into the Twilight Zone or a horror movie!

In the evening I enjoyed a beer, a large heap of pasta, butter and cheese, and some Netflix luxury, thanks to the very generous 2gb daily free WiFi at the YHA.

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