Te Araroa Day 74. Wellington city 1733.2kms – Picton 1733.3kms

Te Araroa Trail - Sailing to the other side

Te Araroa Trail Wellington to Picton

I woke early this morning with a hint of a headache and a distinct feeling of having not slept enough. I enjoyed an early big brekfast and started to get my belongings together for checking out. Anja and Markus my German friends had checked in to the YHA Wellington, and very kindly offered me the use of their room for the day, which was fab!

I Skyped mum and dad in the UK and my sis and family in the U.S for their Xmas days. Living on the other side of the world to your loved ones is pretty difficult, especially during the special times times of the year. It’s been 12 years since I left the UK, and it doesn’t get any easier.

I had a wander round the city afterwards. The weather was terrible – windy and rainy. I’m hoping it doesn’t last long! In the afternoon I met Anja and Markus for hot chocolate, toasties and ice-cream, and we caught up on the events of the past couple of weeks since we last saw each other.

Sailing to the other side

I left the YHA at 5pm to make my way to the InterIslander ferry terminal. I met a few other Te Araroa trail hikers there… Susie and Bruno, Rain and Rochelle and Mark (UK). We set sail at 6.30pm. It was a windy and rainy crossing, so we missed the beautiful scenery.

Once in Picton I got drenched leaving the ferry building and walking the short distance to the ‘YHA hostel – ‘ The Villa’. I got even more drenched while the inhabitants casually and somewhat unbelievably refused to open the door of the hostel to let me in. When more people arrived equally as mystified, one person with some common sense let us in, and explained that we should have been sent instructions about the keys, which were in a box around the back. None of us had been notified – bad job guys.

When I found my room I was glad to get out of my wet clothes and into bed.

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