Te Araroa Trail Day 15. Waikahoa Bay doc camp (off trail) – Whananaki North Holiday Park 314.4kms

Whananaki with the footbridge ion the distance

Te Araroa Trail to Whananaki Holiday Park

As you can imagine today was a very slow start, and without a doubt my worst morning on Te Araroa trail. I woke several times during the night and drank as much water as I could, and this morning I was starving!

Te Araroa Trail Northland beaches
Te Araroa Trail Day 15 – Waikahoa Bay DOC camp – Whananaki North Holiday Park

After breakfast we slowly plodded along an incerdibly beautiful 7km coastal track then onto a road to Moureeses Bay where we called in on Bruce’s friends Craig and Karen.

Te Araroa Nothland beach
Te Araroa Trail Day 15 – Beautiful beaches from Waikahoa Bay DOC camp

They gave us refreshments of water, chocolate and strawberries and we felt so rough we accepted their offer of a lift to Whananaki.

Bruce remembered that a mate of his had a cabin in the Whananaki Holiday Park, so we had a luxurious afternoon off, care of Mick and Josephine.

The first thing we did was to order lots of takeaway food from the magnificent dairy next door!! Then we busied ourselves with washing and showers etc and generally lazed about in the sun.

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