Te Araroa Trail Day 36. Kaniwhaniwha stream 837.5kms – Pirongia summit 848.4kms

Te Araroa Trail Pirongia

Te Araroa Trail Pirongia

The easy walking and slackpacking of the past few days had turned me into a bit of a sissy, but after an hour on Pirongia mountain with a fully loaded 16kg pack or thereabouts, I remembered how wonderful it is to be climbing in the forest, getting muddy again!!

The trail started on the Nikau track, which was a gentle 3kms or so to the campsite. From there the Tahuanui track led to the summit.

I started at 8am and reached the summit at 905m by midday. It was a lovely trail – steep in parts, muddy in others, with climbing required sometimes (if you’re a shortie like me) .. and lots of tree roots of course.

Te Araroa Trail Mount Pirongia
Te Araroa Trail Day 36 – Climbing Mount Pirongia

There was excellent signage throughout – even markers over/around fallen trees which is a luxury us TA’ers aren’t used to! At the summit there is even a boardwalk!!

The views from the top are amazing. It’s been another sunny day so as far as you can see – Raglan, the Kaimai mounatin ranges, Mount Ruapehu and Tongariro.

Home for tonight is Pahautea hut. A lovely new’ish DOC hut built next to the old one, with capacity for plenty. I met Anja¬† and Markus at the hut and we decided to have a half day and go down the mountain tmrw. Over the day/evening about 20 others arrived too.

Te Araroa Trail Pirongia
Te Araroa Trail Day 36 – Mount Priongia Boardwalk

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