Te Araroa Trail Day 122. St Arnaud 1980kms – Upper Travers hut 2009.4kms

Te Araroa Trail Day 122 - Upper Travers hut towards the Travers Saddle

Te Araroa Trail St Arnaud to Upper Travers Hut I woke at 5 am, was out at 6.30 am, and walked to lake Rotoiti and took a few photos. There's a jetty here, which makes…

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Te Araroa Trail Day 120. Ghost Lake hut 55kms – Lyell Campsite 85kms – St Arnaud

Te Araroa Trail Day 120 - Dawn over Kahurangi National Park

Te Araroa Trail - Old Ghost Road - Ghost Lake to St Arnaud Ghost Lake hut to Lyell I had a great night's sleep despite an initial nighttime chorus of weka, and I woke before…

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