Kahurangi Lighthouse

Kahurangi Lighthouse walk tinytramper

An Overnighter to the Kahurangi Lighthouse and Keepers Cottage

We used the excuse of snow in the mounatins, to make a weekend trip out to the Kahurangi lighthouse and keepers house. This beautiful West coast walk was a delight! The long drive in to the Anatori River, via the causeways of the Whanganui inlet near Farewell Spit was incredible in itself. The main event - the hike to Kahurangi Point and the lighthouse crosses beautiful farmland to the Turimawiwi river. From there you...

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Abel Tasman Northern Loop

Wainui Bay to Totaranui Loop via Gibbs Hill

We made an overnighter of this awesome Abel Tasman Northern Loop, but it would make a great day walk too. Starting at Wainui Bay at the Northernmost tip of the Abel Tasman National Park, we headed to Whariwharangi where we camped for the night. The following morning we headed around to Totaranui via Separation Point. The return journey took us up the steep inland track over Gibbs Hill. Checking the DoC distances and times for the Abel...

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SWCP Day 36. Teignmouth to Peak Hill, Sidmouth

Today's distance walked - approx 31 kms (19 miles).
Ascent - approx 685m (2247 ft).

I left Janec's house around 6.20am, and wandered back to the seafront in town to get some nice photos. There were a few dog walkers out already, and a couple of swimmers having an early morning dip. I was suddenly gripped by a desperate need for the bathroom (#hikersworstnightmare) but you won't find any bushes to duck behind, or a toilet that's open in Teignmouth before 7am, so in a state of some crisis, I...

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SWCP Day 35. Torquay to Teignmouth

Today's distance walked - approx 21 kms (13.8 miles).
Ascent - approx 1100m (3608 ft).

I woke up today at 5.30am after a restless night. My bed was really comfortable, but my room was hot and there was a lot of traffic noise, which I'm not used to, and it took me a really long time to get to sleep.
I ate some biscuits and took another tablet for my knee. At 8.15 I went down to eat a hefty full English breakfast, complete with black pudding, after which I took it easy getting myself...

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SWCP Day 32. Soar Mill Cove to Slapton Ley nature reserve

Today's distance walked - approx 27.5 kms (17 miles).
Ascent - approx 1045m (3428 ft).

I woke at 5.30am, wiped the dew from the my tent and got under way as soon as I could. As I left, I killed around 10 baby ticks which I found on my hands and legs again. As I walked out of Soar Mill Cove I began to feel itchy all over - mostly because of paranoia I thought, but when I scratched my neck, face and back, sure enough I had more little ticks under my finger nails. I was quite concerned, but...

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SWCP Day 31. Hilsea Point, Gunrow ‘s Down to Soar Mill Cove

Today's distance walked - approx 32 kms (20 miles).
Ascent - approx 1020m ( ft).

I woke up at 5.10am this morning, with the feeling that it was a little darker than usual. Even though it was light, the moon was still up and a couple of stars were out. After I'd eaten my breakfast and packed up to leave (which usually takes about an hour) I checked the time again, and it was 5.04am! Grrrrrr... the clock on my phone has done this a couple of times before - and randomly skips ahead an hour,...

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